Is grindr only for gay guys

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Joel Simkhai, Grindr's year-old founder, said he had received tens of thousands of requests from women asking for a straighter, female-friendly version of Grindr. Project X, which will be named in the next few weeks, will be very different to the gay version. But Simkhai said location would still be the service's key selling point.

We are all social creatures. But men and women are different. Grindr was made for a man. If we are going to bring women in to this we have to do things differently. Simkhai said Grindr would work for straight men as it is, if it were populated by straight women.

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So what. It happens all the time. We have got to provide more," he said. Women obviously want to see someone that they might find attractive, but they need to know more than that. Simkhai said that, while he is most interested in getting women to sign up, people will be able to sign up as gay, lesbian, bisexual or any mix of the above. Grindr now has more than 1. In this kind of real-time moment that resembles a stock exchange, advertisers see that you're using, in this case, Grindr.

They can see that, and they can run an ad they think is appropriate to show you. This phenomenon was sold to us in the early days as a way to show people more relevant ads. Well, the issue now is that data doesn't just stop with the advertisers anymore — you can easily envision scenarios where that data about your usage of Grindr includes your listed HIV status. Now, that's a very scary and — arguably — dystopian scenario.

But it's one that's become increasingly discussed and is part of the reason why the European government passed a very strict privacy law this year. When reached for comment about programmatic advertising, a spokesperson for Grindr offered the following: Grindr has never sold nor will we ever sell personal user information to third parties or advertisers. It is also worth noting that our primary revenue stream is through subscriptions. Do you believe in good faith the claims that Grindr made back in April, that they were actually going to stop allowing advertisers to receive access to users' HIV statuses?

I think every gay man who chooses to use Grindr should look at the facts and should look at their history of decision-making. I think that people have very good reason to be deeply skeptical of that company in particular There is a reckoning coming for all of these technology companies and platforms that are making business decisions without considering [their] moral implications.

In that sense, it's interesting that Grindr has been running a campaign called "Kindr," or other social awareness campaigns that have been trying to shed a spotlight on members of the community who are typically disenfranchised on the platform. This kind of dating discrimination or sexual discrimination that happens on Grindr is certainly not unique to them; it also happens on Scruff.

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What kind of initiatives are you guys working on to make sure that Scruff is a safer place in the same way that Grindr has? I am pleased that our industry, more broadly, is shining a light on the issue of racism and sexual discrimination. I think if you look closely at what Grindr announced back in September, you will note that there are no actual differences in the app from the day before to the day after.

That doesn't mean that there isn't more we can do, which is why this year, Scruff became the first gay dating app, and I believe possibly the first just overall dating app, to actually remove ethnicity as a default from our profile.

Grindr app goes straight – but there are different rules for women

When you launch Scruff right now today, ethnicity is not listed on any profile. It can still be included if you choose to as a member, but it is not listed by default.

I can tell you that that change has been well-received by our community, and there have been no negative repercussions thus far, but we didn't just stop there. We have also been analyzing profiles here in the United States that include racial language, both "I don't date" and "I only date We've started looking at our profiles that include this kind of language and begun some initial tests where we actually send in-app notifications to profiles that include racial language and invite them to take a moment and to consider how that language affects other people. It's not a warning — we do not imply that they have violated anything.

It really is about taking a moment to consider the ramifications of your words in the same way that a close friend of yours, a brother or a sister, might when they see you perhaps saying something carelessly. It aims at educating users on behaviors that are not allowed within our platform, and it makes it easier for users to submit reports.

How Black Guys React To Seeing “No Blacks” On Dating Apps

We are also actively working to update our new user onboarding experience which will guide new members through their first steps of using Grindr, highlighting the importance of positive behavior when communicating with others in our platform. So you said, just to clarify, that you guys don't send a warning, but it's more of an invitation for them to reconsider language used in their profiles.

Does that mean that any racially exclusive language used on the platform is technically not a violation of your Terms and Conditions? So our Terms and Conditions are very clear that if you use language that is threatening, harassing, or discriminatory, we absolutely can and do take action to warn you and potentially remove the language or suspend the profile. We do it all it the time. How to find exactly the creepiest of the.

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Gay Men in India Reveal Terrifying Tales Of Rapes And Extortion on Dating App Grindr

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is grindr only for gay guys Is grindr only for gay guys
is grindr only for gay guys Is grindr only for gay guys
is grindr only for gay guys Is grindr only for gay guys
is grindr only for gay guys Is grindr only for gay guys
is grindr only for gay guys Is grindr only for gay guys
is grindr only for gay guys Is grindr only for gay guys
is grindr only for gay guys Is grindr only for gay guys
is grindr only for gay guys Is grindr only for gay guys

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