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Only 20 metres away! Can you feel the liberation yet?

6 Gruesome Tales of Gay Hook-Ups Gone Wrong

I sense only the banal assimilation of individuals into types: Sexual racism rules, of course. Guys with disabilities unsure which fetish they fit. We lose at love, too. Apps enable our checklists like nothing before. Search by height, age, area, ethnicity, fetish, body type, body hair — all within a mile radius. We forget how stupid our criteria are.

Tinder Horror Stories to Remind You There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone

Apps are a lifeline for those in the closet, say some. But how much longer does this lifeline keep them there and choke them? The gay scene suffers, too. Bars have closed. Many have waned as the frisson of potential encounters collapses under the promise of an app shag on the way home. We used to speak first. In the silence, fear grows. Are we good enough? Do our penises look long enough? Is the lighting on this selfie capturing pectoral definition?

In the silence, emptiness echoes, too: We think we are hunters, but all are hunted, pursued by the tech that knows us too well. And so, no gay man will be put off using apps after this aggravated burglary, because fear is not important here. Loneliness is. Affirmation is. Ours is an adulthood resting on the early pillars of isolation and alienation.

A dating app is a false salvation, but for many, it is all the market has to offer. It was crazy sex.

Tinder Horror Stories to Remind You There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone - VICE

We did it in the kitchen, on the couch, and at one time, he was holding a chin-up bar with his legs spread. It may sound fun, but it was just exhausting.

Finally, they had made it to the bed, where Zane lay on his back and the boy began to ride him. It was then that the acrobatic bottom made a noise he had yet to make.

It Flowed Like Lava

It flowed like lava. It was a mixture of hard and soft, and it was everywhere. I went into the kitchen and started cleaning myself off in the sink. Once I was clean enough to exit, the boy was still in the bathroom.

The Boy Who Could Never Get Enough

I grabbed my stuff, knocked on the bathroom door to let him know I was leaving, and I went home. I took six showers that night. It was just a casual, lazy kind of Tuesday night for Clarence when he decided he wanted to have some fun.

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After a couple of swipes on his Grindr and a few pics swapped back and forth, he had found a willing bottom that could host. He was cute, and I was single, so why not? At first, everything was the business of pleasure as usual.

Gays and Lesbians Swap Dating Apps

I leaned to the side to see what he was doing up there. This bitch was on Grindr, while we were having sex, looking for his next hook-up. Yes, while Clarence was mid-thrust, the guy was already arranging for his next visitor. Mario had just finished his workout and was relaxing in the steam room. When a handsome man came in behind him, he thought nothing of it, but he quickly realized that this guy was interested in more than just steam.

Is it really happening? Unfortunately, they soon had company, and the game of show-and-grab was quickly over. The mysterious man left the steam room and went into the shower. Mario followed him and jumped into the adjacent shower stall. All that separated them now was a piece of foggy glass. Mario bashed his forehead against the shower handle. The blow left his head pounding with stars in his eyes. He quickly jumped out and began to dry off.

The man exited as well, so Mario trying to brush it off and turn the sex up once again. He looked over with his best attempt at looking sexy and the two hornbirds locked eyes. I touched my forehead and all I saw was red. I left as fast as I could and I never saw him again. It was a Saturday night when Brock finally finished his last bit of research for his dissertation.

It had been a grueling process, and he was ready to let off some steam. So I invited him over to watch a movie, which now I think is called 'Netflix and Chill. Brock spent the better part of his afternoon prepping for all of the sex-plans he had in mind. Trimming, shaving, and douching; it was a total event. A few hours later, the hook-up date began.

Even though Brock had every intention to at least give the impression that he was interested in the movie, his pent-up libido had other plans. My clothes were coming off, and it was going to happen. He seemed to be just as into it as me, so I just let go. And they were off to a good start. It was fun sex. It was loud sex.

It was… really aggressive sex. I was totally sober, but acting like a different person.

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  5. I was talking dirty, slapping, spitting.

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