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Jay tried so hard he even mooned me once in front of other guys, but at that time it was hopeless. So I wanted to write this for all my autistic peers able to date and have relationships, in hopes that you can learn from my experience and try to be aware of those in your life who want to love you as you are. Unconditional love is the most powerful thing in the universe, and I believe we should always seek to capture it when the opportunity is presented. Possibly the most difficult thing for many of us as autistic people is to be willing to love someone so much we allow our carefully planned rituals and routines to be altered and compromised.

The sort of control we lose if we marry someone and allow them to share our space can invoke the worst of our flight or flight instincts, yet family is part of existence. So again I urge you to open your eyes and hearts to the possibilities of love. It is worth anything you stand to lose.

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We want to hear your story. Join Us. It took me quite a few years to get through the different stages of acceptance and not hiding who I was. As an adult, Jarad sees parallels between being gay and being autistic, in terms of subverting what society expects. You have all these different behavioural characteristics.

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Different functionalities in how you sense emotions, different body movements. The way our brains are developed, we do approach things a different way. Jarad finds dating as an autistic gay man is a challenge. What is kissing, what is masturbation, what are oral and anal sex? Jarad has experienced a lot of rejection because of his disabilities.

People who see you inside and out are a rare breed. Jarad is a strong advocate for the rights of people of autism and other disabilities. We need to bring in more diversity in leadership on committees and councils. Jarad is a uni student and a board member of People with Disability Australia.

You can also read our latest magazines or Join us on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Home News. Rebeckah Loveday Katherine Wolfgramme , April 12, Features National News. Jesse Jones — February 10, Exposure to prenatal androgens seems to be one factor in the multifaceted aetiology of autism, in line with the extreme male brain theory of autism.

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A study of differences between ASD and typically developed individuals regarding other sexually dimorphic traits presumably related to prenatal masculinisation or defeminisation may add to the knowledge of the development of an androgen dependent form of ASD. To date, no studies have examined if the extreme male cognitive pattern and the lack of gender differences in systemising-empathising dimensions extend to other sexually dimorphic traits, such as gender role and sexuality in individuals with ASD.

Clinical experience, however, suggests that masculinity, expressed as male typical territorial or sexual behaviour [19] , [20] , is attenuated in ASD of both sexes. The current study constitutes the second half of a larger case control study on sexuality, androgen levels and anthropometric measures [21].

We found that the women with ASD had elevated testosterone levels and several physical masculinised characteristics, whereas the men with ASD displayed several physical feminised characteristics. However, the testosterone levels in the men with ASD did not differ significantly from the controls'. The current study further investigated how ASD relates to a set of non-physical attributes including gender role, gender identity, self-perceived gender typicality, androgynous behaviour in childhood, and sexuality.

Gender role was assessed as adherence to a set of stereotypically male or female skills, while other aspects were self-reported. We hypothesized that male typical behaviour and perception would be weakened in ASD of both sexes, and that gender identity would be less pronounced than amongst controls. All participants who declined to participate or did not otherwise participate were not disadvantaged in any way by not participating in the study.

Individuals with ASD were recruited through a website for adults with ASD or through a requests sent to outpatients at a tertiary psychiatric unit for adults with ASD as well as to a community-based information centre. This centre offers information about legal aspects on the ASD diagnosis, social services etc. The written request concerning the study included a brief information and the participant themselves either responded on e-mail or by post if they were interested in participating.

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Thereafter a brief telephone interview was conducted to ensure that the subject had attended mainstream schooling and had not been diagnosed with intellectual disability. The participants' ability to consent to the study was further confirmed in the interview by the first author, a senior psychiatrist with extensive training and experience with adult ASD. A total of three individuals were deemed not to have the capacity to consent and were subsequently excluded; two of these had a comorbid psychosis and the third had epilepsy and brain damage.

None of the included participants had a caretaker or a guardian. Moreover, half of the ASD sample had a university degree and eight were parents themselves suggesting a relatively high level of functioning. For a capable group of adults with ASD — such as the participants in the present study — a requirement of consent from next of kin would presumably be perceived as humiliating, and the local empowerment board within the Swedish Autism Society did not support such a requirement.

The study involved Swedish adults, including 50 adults 26 men, 24 women diagnosed with ASD and 53 neurotypical controls 28 men, 25 women matched on gender and age, demographics are shown in Table 1. Controls were recruited after the ASD group in order to be matched for gender and age. Sources for recruitment were a non-profit keep-fit organization, university, student residences, private companies, dentists and vaccination centres, employment agencies and through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Exclusion criteria were any disease or medication affecting androgen status, congenital syndrome, neurological or genetic syndrome, psychosis, diagnosed malformations, intellectual disability or having attended special education in primary or secondary school. All participants denied any use of anabolic steroids and other androgen treatments other than hormonal contraceptives, used by 7 women with ASD and 14 women in the control group.

Participants in the ASD group had all been diagnosed with ASD prior to this study and their medical records were reviewed. Local diagnostic procedures require that each patient is assessed rigorously by a psychiatrist and psychologist experienced with ASD over approximately 12—20 hours before receiving the diagnosis. The assessment includes neuropsychological tests, including Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, and interviews with parents to obtain a developmental history.

For inclusion in the current study, a senior psychiatrist with extensive training and experience with adult ASD confirmed all diagnoses through an independent diagnostic interview using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule [22] and also assessed general functioning [23]. Participants were interviewed for background information and gender typical behaviour in childhood. The questionnaires regarding gender role, gender identity and sexuality were completed by the participants.

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Gender role was measured using the MF scale [24] , [25] , a validated Swedish modification of the Bem Sex Role Inventory, measuring stereotypical masculine and feminine traits [26]. In contrast to the Bem Sex Role Inventory which presents a single adjective e. The male and female stereotypes subscales labelled MF M and MF F , respectively are assessed with 17 items each, and a further 9 items are gender neutral. The MF M subscale contains statements regarding power, assertiveness, leadership abilities and competitiveness, while the MF F subscale mainly measures how tender, caring and submissive a person is.

This showed mean MF M scores of Gender identity, androgynous behaviour, gender typicality and sexuality were examined through 10 self-rated items constructed for the purpose of this study. Each item had explicit wording and straightforward response alternatives. Regarding sexuality, we focused on areas that possibly — but certainly not exclusively — could be related to foetal testosterone levels: Additionally two items on sexual debut were included. The items and their response options are presented in Table 2.

Both instruments have shown gender-variations in neurotypical people. Symptoms and functioning are assessed separately, each with scores ranging from 0 to The gender identity was dichotomised into either biological sex or not in-between man and woman, transsexual and non-biological sex.

Sexual behaviour items were dichotomised for more straight forward interpretation of masculine dimensions of sexuality Table 2. As shown in Table 3 , both men and women with ASD rated themselves as having a less masculine gender role than the controls, according to the MF M subscale. When separated by sex, this reached significance only for the woman.

However, regarding self-perceived gender typicality, no significant difference was shown between the ASD group and controls for either sex Men: Table 4 shows the correlations between the gender role and gender perception measures in ASD males and females respectively. Additional correlations as well as frequencies and percentages of non-dichotomised gender perception data are presented in Table S1—S5 in File S1.

Results for the sexuality measures are presented in Table 5 and correlations between the measures in Table 6.

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Amongst the participants that had experienced their sexual debut, this occurred later for the men-women combined ASD group mean age: Figure 2 shows frequencies of sexual arousal in men and women with and without ASD. One woman and one man with ASD reported asexuality. Frequencies and percentages of non-dichotomised sexuality data as well as correlations within the male and female ASD groups respectively are presented in Table S6—S11 in File S2. In this study we have compared a set of sexually dimorphic characteristics between men and women with ASD and age matched controls.

Differences in gender role, gender identity, gender behaviour in childhood and sexual behaviour and orientation were observed between individuals with ASD and neurotypical controls.

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Furthermore, gender differences across almost all measures were less pronounced in the ASD group than in the control group. As foetal exposure to androgens also affects other aspects of the adult personality such as gender role, gender identity, gender behaviour and sexual orientation [30] , it is reasonable to expect these traits to be similarly affected, that is, masculinised in women with ASD.

This effect was partly supported in the present study. Women with ASD reported gender behaviour in childhood, adult gender identity and sexual orientation towards a masculine profile, whereas no significant differences in these characteristics were observed amongst the men. In contrast however, other measures pointed towards a de-masculinisation across gender.

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